Bitcoin Payment Instructions

To pay or “send” Bitcoin is a very simple process. It requires just a few extra steps. Please read and follow these carefully as its essential for us to receive your transaction id (also known as transaction hash) to locate and reconcile your payment:

Step 1. 

Open your wallet and navigate to the “Send” page in your wallet.

Step 2. 

Scan the QR code shown below or Copy & Paste our BTC address into your wallet. (Scanning the code will fill in the address code automatically)

Scan QR code for our BTC Address:


Step 3.

Enter your BTC Pay Amount.  This is the exact amount that was provided during the checkout process.

Step 4.

Please confirm your BTC amount is correct and make sure the BTC address is correct if you have chosen to enter it manually.

Step 5.


That’s it! 

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