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  1. Bought wedding cake auto 15 seeds all germinated great smoke only problem is that it has a lot of pheno types very unstable
    I had a least four different types two were great but the other two were only ok

    • Hey there Ace,

      Glad to hear your 100% success rate. Nice work!

      Regarding “Phenotypes”

      Each cannabis seed has a distinct genotype. Many growers believe that seeds from the same cannabis strain have the same genetic code and, as a result, expect consistent growth. Unfortunately, this is a widespread assumption gone wrong. Many people use the word “phenotype” to refer to the different kinds of plants they grow from seeds of the same strain. Most people don’t realise they are referring to various genotypes. Phenotypic expression is the genotype as well as the environment.

      When you buy seeds from a particular strain, you’ll get “family members” who share a large percentage of genetics with thousands of siblings but aren’t identical twins. Although the genotype is frequently very close to identical, there are still some differences, which you might compare to those between fraternal twins. As a result of the genotype of seeds not always being the same, every cannabis plant grown from seed exhibits slight variations in traits like plant height, structure, yield, flavour, etc.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Sprouted very quickly, grew into a huge 2 metre plant even quicker. The stretch during flower was intense but nothing a bit of bending, snapping and tying down can’t fix. The buds are some of the biggest and most dense I have grown as well as being completely coated in frost. Highly recommend this strain as it’s very consistent every time I’ve popped a seed!

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  3. This strain delivers a satisfying smoking experience, leaning towards a lighter profile suitable for daytime use. It exhibits pleasant sweet undertones, complemented by a subtle hint of citrus and lemonene notes

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  4. This particular phenotype showcased an impressive combination of robust stature, substantial bud development, and potent effects. After a six-week vegetative phase and 10 week flower phase, the plant reached a height of 1.5 meters, boasting colossal colas and buds extending to the length of an arm. Total harvest was 350 grams

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  5. Holy Smokes what a smoke. Amazing heavy head and body high. Smelt like fruit loops/ fruity pebbles during flower, taste was faint but similiar to smell.

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  6. I had 100% strike rate with the mandarin autoflower. Buds are super dense and very frosty, they have the most wonderful smell and taste. So citrus you can literally smell and taste mandarin. They came in right on ten weeks and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to everyone at mediseed man, you’re legends

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  7. These are the best autos I’ve grown. They had a hard beginning to their life (my fault) but then came good after a bit of TLC. They responded really well to fish force nutrients and stretched to nearly triple their size during flower. The colas were massive and just kept swelling as the weeks went by. The smell was amazing and the buds are jarred up and curing as we speak. One out of 5 seeds produced a plant was noticeably smaller than the rest but that gave the densest buds so happy days. Only note would be to add a few weeks to the grow time if you’re an outdoor grower like me. Mediseedman coming through with the goods again. Gonna grow the amnesia haze photo periods next year and press an aftershave out of the heavenly smelling flowers I reckon haha

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  8. Great quality strain

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    I followed the instructions and they all germinated 🙂

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    Beautiful looking plant,Easy to grow,Had about 8 to 9 weeks wait till these babies were ready to go,Beautiful big flowers with big balls of sticky resin coating these wonderful smelling plants,Can’t go wrong with this strain👍

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  11. Only 2 of the 5 seeds came up. The one I put in the ground put on over 40 ounces! Very happy.

  12. Have bought quite a few different strains off Mediseed Man. All arrived in mail in good time. All have popped bar one which may have been may fault. All have been a good smoke. Hobby grower just growing for personal use but being in Australia at least I know his seeds won’t get took by customs. LSD auto was a monster under small mars led. Gelato and wc are also top strains

  13. For just a small amount of $11 per seed, The limits are endless, My Afghan kush plant grew 3 metres tall & 1.2 square metres wide, Yeliding aprox 300-350 grams of super tasty, fresh & potent bud!!
    Smells more fruitier then my earthier AK-47 plants buds..,,.Id definitely recommend buying this strain for its slightly longer grow time, Allowing it to reach the limit of its heights

  14. Good seeds, I purchased big bud last time with 5/5 that sprouted and turned into good buds. 4/5 with the granddaddy purps. Looking healthy, couple more weeks before flower

  15. Easy transaction, prompt delivery

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