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Amnesia Haze Autoflower

Lineage: Amnesia x Ruderalis

Once it unveils its magic, an uplifting, energetic high expresses itself much straightway. After a couple of minutes, when real euphoric kicks in, it lets you feel happy and blissful and more likely may cause fits of giggles.

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  • Phenotype: 70% Sativa | 30% Indica
  • Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
  • THC: Up to 22%
  • CBD %: Below 2%
  • Difficulty:Medium
  • Effects:Euphoric | Energising | Focus | Relaxing
  • Taste/Aroma:Fruity | Earthy | Skunky | Woody | Piney
  • Helps With:Headaches | Nausea | Stress | Fatigue
  • G/M2 Yields:300-400 g/m²


  • Phenotype: 70% Sativa | 30% Indica

The high yielding Amnesia Haze Auto, a sativa dominant (70% sativa, 30% indica) hybrid is still a famous toking plant in Amsterdam’s coffee shops. This classic cannabis strain is one of the most popular Hazes that sativa lovers can’t help smoking due to its delicious taste and spectacular psychedelic high.

This fabulous autoflowering variant of Amnesia Haze pleases marijuana growers with easy to maintain and fast-growing characteristics. A thoughtful cross between Ruderalis and Amnesia Haze delivered all the fantastic Haze qualities such as appealing taste and mind-bending power to the offspring.


  • Lineage: Amnesia x Ruderalis

The stunning Amnesia Haze Auto is a sativa heavy marijuana strain, boasting of supreme lineage and eye-catching appearance. This potent hybrid is a must-try for all sativa fans as it discharges a soaring yet clear-headed high that imparts a burst of energy perfect for wake-and-bake.

This unique autoflowering version came into being by fusing the original Amnesia Haze cultivar with a Ruderals cannabis plant. This proud cannabis weed is a prestigious toking strain in Amsterdam coffee shops and has achieved many awards over the year.

This prized plant has won two-time 1st place High Times Cannabis Cups, winner in the overall category in 2004 and Best Sativa in 2012. It’s a much-loved plant by growers and smokers alike due to several inimitable traits inherited from legendary ancestors.


The Haze classic Amnesia Haze Auto won great esteem among cannabis connoisseurs because of a smooth and steady high that made it a an ideal daytime cultivar. Its relaxing twist boosts mental clarity that can alter a dull, uneventful day into an adventure.

Once it unveils its magic, an uplifting, energetic high expresses itself much straightway. After a couple of minutes, when real euphoric kicks in, it lets you feel happy and blissful and more likely may cause fits of giggles. A positive mental state lasts for up to two or three hours with just one puff or two.

Aroma & Taste

Cannabis connoisseurs across the globe love flavourful Amnesia Haze Auto for her sweet and spicy mouth watering taste. The delicious flavour makes the smoking experience more exciting, and people often have a hard time putting it down after getting its first hit.

Her incredible taste makes the smoking journey pleasantly smooth and pure bliss. It releases a captivating odour pretty much similar to its older sister. The tokers feel fascinated with a soothing citrus-infused fragrance joined with a sweet, earthy hint!

Helps With

This champion Amnesia Haze Auto cultivar offers a range of medical benefits. It is hailed in the medical cannabis community as one of the most trusted mood-alleviating strains. It can easily handle anxiety, depression and stress issues, no matter caused by which source.

The arthritis patients feel severe pains in their joints that they can overcome by using this soothing weed. The folks suffering from inflammation, muscle spasms, nausea, or the like issues should be thankful for this great painkiller that helps eradicate these painful conditions. People love to enjoy this dose by the end of a long, tiresome day to kick out fatigue and chill out in the evening with buddies.


  • Difficulty: Medium Grow

The award-winning Amnesia Haze auto cannabis seeds are slightly tricky to cultivate, though several potential pitfalls have been eliminated in this autoflowering variant. This bushy, dark green plant creates big buds covered with rich trichomes.

Each beautiful bud looks like a gold nugget, with a sticky, hard and compact appearance. This pleasant-looking plant requires 10 to 11 weeks to bear flowers and become harvest-ready. It can go well by applying the Sea of Green (SOG) technique.

Flowering & Yield

  • 9-10 Weeks | 300-400 g/m²

The fast-growing Amnesia Haze Auto marijuana seeds do not compromise the yield and deliver about 14-16 ounces of bud per square meter from an indoor crop. This great ganja plant rises from seedling to ripened state within 10 to 11 weeks and creates 11 ounces of bud per plant from outdoor cultivation at the end of October.

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    All there seeds are great strains but this one especially

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    Dunno, didn’t grow

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