Growing Cannabis Indoors in Australia By Mediseed Man

Growing cannabis indoors brings with it a multitude of potential benefits when compared with traditional, outdoor farming methods, mainly due to the ability to monitor your crop in smaller environments.

When growing indoors, you have complete control over the environment you are giving to your plants, allowing you to micro-manage every part of the process, from temperature and humidity to air circulation and light conditions. This means that you are not bound to the traditional seasonal cycle of Australia, letting you begin your plans whenever you have your indoor setup prepared.

This level of control, however, comes with an elevated level of responsibility and understanding of how a natural ecosystem would function, mostly in regards to the food chain. Pests that feed on your plants can manifest at some point in the cycle and, given that you have no natural predators in the room to get rid of them, you may need to use pesticides to ensure your batch does not spoil or look into an enclosed environment for your crop.

There are also costs associated with growing indoors, but despite the widespread claims of the “extreme costs of growing indoors”, there are actually very cost-effective solutions to the process of indoor growth. For example, the need for temperature control can be managed with fans, as well as using LEDs to help control the heat given off by your lights during the hotter months.

If you’d rather not spend as much on lights, why not take fluorescents rather than LEDs? They give off more heat, but it may end up being more cost-effective to work on overall heat dispersion rather than paying for LEDs.

Instead of refurbishing an entire room, which will cost tremendous amounts of money, you also have the option to grab a growing tent, which provides an enclosed environment that is far easier to control than an entire room.

The start-up costs of growing indoors definitely exist, but with proper guidance, you can set up a growing room that is cost-effective, works well, and is built to survive, ensuring that anyone can harvest a happy, healthy crop without having to pay out your life savings for a room to do it in.

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