Weed Gummies Recipe: Simple Step-by-Step Instructions By Mediseed Man

Your taste buds will burst with flavour when you bite into a gummy, the ideal combination of an edible and sweet Weed Gummies.

Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about these delicious treats. We’ll cover strain-picking methods, perfecting edible dosage, and step-by-step instructions on how to make THC gummies.

What are edible gummy bears?

Firstly, marijuana can be consumed in a variety of inventive ways. Some intriguing ideas are out there due to people’s experiments with various edibles.

Secondly, CBD gummy bears are among the more entertaining edibles to prepare and consume, and we have a recipe you can follow on our blog. THC gummies at home resemble regular candy-store cannabis gummies, but you’ll inject marijuana into them. This procedure produces a treat that will bring back long-forgotten childhood memories for you.

The benefit to make cannabis gummies is that you can pick the flavours and dosage and know every ingredient used in your edible.

What effects do gummy marijuana edibles have?

Choosing the right marijuana when deciding how to make weed gummies will determine the effects of the edibles. For instance, let’s compare your two main choices: Sativa gummies and indica gummies.

Effects of Sativa

Sativa is well known for its energising head high and cerebral effects that give users a sense of euphoria. These cannabis plants improve concentration and creativity while easing mental symptoms like stress and anxiety.

After ingesting Sativa gummies, you’ll experience an immediate surge of energy and productivity. Artists and creative individuals will experience increased creativity and feel more inspired to complete a task or project.

The stimulating effects make it ideal to start a long work day. As Sativa gummies fill you with blissful exhilaration, any tension or anxiety will vanish.

They’ll put you in the mood and keep you dancing and having fun for hours if you eat them before going out to a party.

Effects of Indica gummies

The more laid-back strain of marijuana is called indica. It induces a full-body high and induces relaxation in you.

You will experience a state of tranquilly after ingesting indica gummies, which will also reduce any physical discomfort and improve your sleep.

Since indica strains frequently contain higher levels of CBD, numerous therapeutic advantages exist.

Gummies made from indica assist you in relaxing and relieving overwhelming stress or anxious feelings. These treats are the ideal way to relax your muscles and nerves if you feel tense. It also lessens potential nausea and increases appetite.

What are the ingredients for THC gummies?

After learning more about these tasty treats, let’s gather the supplies and start learning how to make weed gummies.

You will need:

  • Saucepan or a pot
  • A whisk
  • Choose from a shape like bears, worms, or gummy silicone moulds.
  • Use a syringe, spouted container, or plastic sandwich bag as a pouring tool.
  • Cooking spray/Oil  (non-stick)

These are the ingredients for your THC gummies:

  • 3 oz. Box of pre-packaged Gelatin/Jelly dessert (pick one flavour or combine your favourites)
  • 2½ tbsp of unflavored gelatin powder (or 7½ sheets of gelatin)
  • ½ cup of cold water
  • ¼ cup of corn syrup
  • ¼ cup of cannabis-infused coconut oil (easiest oil to work with)
  • 2 tsp of sunflower lecithin or soy lecithin

To make the cannabis-infused coconut oil for your THC gummy bears, follow these steps:

  1. Grind your desired quantity of marijuana. Make sure it isn’t too powdery or fine.
  2. In a saucepan, slow cooker, or double boiler, combine your ground marijuana with a cup of coconut oil. On low heat, rewarm it for a few hours.
  3. The duration of heating varies. In a saucepan, it takes 2-4 hours. In a slow cooker, 4-6 hours, and in a double boiler, 6-8 hours.
  4. Every so often, stir your cannabis tincture mixture. Make sure the cannabis oil doesn’t get hotter than 118°C.
  5. Your oil should be strained into a fresh container after cooling.

How to make THC gummies

The basic steps for THC gummies are straightforward. Just gather the items on the list above, then do as follows:

  1. Firstly, get the gelatine ready. Pour the dessert and gelatine powder into the water. Give it at least five minutes to float there. If using gelatine sheets, soak them in water for 10 minutes to make them granular.
  2. Get the ingredients ready for your THC gummies. Mix the gelatine, water, and 1/4 cup of corn syrup in a pot or saucepan. Heat until it begins to simmer on medium-low.
  3. Gently whisk the mixture as it heats up. Make sure it doesn’t begin to boil. Reduce the heat a little and skim the foam off if it starts to form on top.
  4. Your THC gummy bears (or worms, etc.) mixture will smooth out as it melts and combines. Take it off the heat and place it somewhere to cool.
  5. Pour the coconut oil infused with cannabis, then stir everything together.
  6. Spray cooking oil all over the silicone moulds. To simplify later removal, you can place the moulds onto baking sheets lined with parchment paper.
  7. You can now pour the mixture into the moulds prepared for your THC gummies. Spread the mixture evenly using the spouted container or syringe. To create a piping bag, you can remove a portion of a sandwich bag’s edge.
  8. Place the moulds in the fridge for at least an hour after filling them with the mixture. They shouldn’t be frozen.
  9. Lastly, take your moulds out of the fridge to complete the process of making THC gummies. Spread the gummies out on some parchment paper after delicately removing them. Allow them to air dry.
  10. Finally, depending on where you are, your gummies may require some time to dry. They can be positioned in front of a fan to dry more quickly.


How to Store Edibles

To avoid mould, ensure your THC gummies are completely dry before storing them. They can be kept outside or in the refrigerator, but cooler climates will extend their shelf life.

Finally, It’s time to store your marijuana gummies after you’ve mastered the technique for making them.

Cannabis edibles can be stored for a very long time with the proper precautions. At room temperature, they lose their freshness faster than in the refrigerator.

Put your THC gummies in an airtight glass/mason jar after wrapping them in parchment paper for long-term storage. Silicone storage containers are an option for momentary storing. These preserve the freshness of your weed treats for weeks.

You’re ready to go on your new journey now that you understand the steps. At last, it’s time to start creating your THC gummy by looking through our collection of cannabis seeds.

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