Growing Cannabis Outdoors in Australia By Mediseed Man

Cannabis Thrives Outdoors

Cannabis thrives outdoors, just as many plants do, and growing it in a natural ecosystem can be an incredibly cost-effective method. While for indoor growth, you’ll need to set up the proper tools to mimic the outdoor environment, outdoor growth simply requires land, light, and good quality soil.

For us in Australia

For us in Australia, growing outdoors needs to be done at the right time, but what is the right time? It depends entirely on where in Australia you are. While there is a general consensus that the outdoor season in Australia rests between September and May, the exact dates of when to do what will always vary based on which region you are in and the climate in those months. As soon as we see the days starting to get longer in September, it’s time to start planning, no matter where you are. While there’s still a slight chill in the air as spring rolls in, meaning it’s a bit too early to start planting most strains, there are certain autoflowering strains that can thrive in this early period.

As Spring Comes to an End

As spring comes to an end, you’ll start seeing growers germinating and moving plants, ensuring that they are ready for the bursts of sunlight and long days throughout October and November. November will be a care month for many, ensuring that pests are kept away from the plants and any stimulants are added to most strains. For those with autoflowering strains, they’ll already be harvesting in November and preparing themselves to germinate a second set.

Once December Comes Around

Once December comes around, the heat of the Australian summer hits, and it hits hard. Your plants will need to be kept watered and regularly check for diseases .  December and January are when growers need to be most on their toes, ensuring that the bounty of their hard work is kept healthy and will be ready for harvesting.

This summer period is the most intense portion of the year for growers, and understandably so, but once you get through it, you’re on the home stretch to harvesting an environmentally friendly, extremely cost-effective, and excellent product that, through the use of a completely natural environment, has created a pure plant that lives up to its true potential.

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