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Lineage: Cheese x Critical Auto

Just one toke of fresh green Cheese Auto creates a subtle cerebral buzz, initially gentle and getting intense as the head high climbs to a soaring level. This high follows an elevated mood, and a tranquil state of mind will take over.


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  • Phenotype: 60% Indica | 40% Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
  • THC: Up to 14%
  • CBD %: Below 1%
  • Difficulty:
  • Effects:
  • Taste/Aroma:
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The yummy Cheese Auto is an Indica-dominant (60% Indica, 40% sativa) cannabis strain that breathes new life into the Cheese family. This next-generation autoflowering hybrid has been derived from Critical + Auto and Cheese Original. Its 14% THC volume and a slightly higher CBD content (up to 1%) leave far more physical effects.

This beautiful plant is the perfect stash for people to unwind and is a great choice for medical marijuana growers. Cheese easily grows to one-meter height indoors, bears pretty well branches, with a considerable load of buds.


The world-renowned Cheese Auto is an indica heavy marijuana strain that has earned tremendous praise and attention in the cannabis community due to its strong Cheese flavour and enormous yield – celebrated traits inherited from the original Cheese mother plant.

It’s the product of fusion of Critical Auto, and Cheese Original and holds unique genes that make it a tasty, mid-sized, high yielding and potent hybrid. Like its name, it scatters a pungent, cheddar-like scent and mouth watering taste that inspires consumers to take one more hit. Its numerous medical effects excel many conventional remedies and offer all-nature alternatives for curing several conditions.


Just one toke of fresh green Cheese Auto creates a subtle cerebral buzz, initially gentle and getting intense as the head high climbs to a soaring level. This high follows an elevated mood, and a tranquil state of mind will take over. This joint’s tranquillizing effect conquers every inch of the body and crushes every tension or stress in its path.

This calmness will induce the couch-lock, and every cannabis connoisseur aspires to experience this sweetest, most relaxing incarceration. It’s also an ideal partner for tired people who want to eliminate fatigue and chill out after a hectic day in the office.

Aroma & Taste

The highly celebrated Cheese Auto captivates tokers with its strong, pungent aroma and taste. It releases a musky cheddar odour mixed with a sweet, earthy and herbal undertone. As the name and lineage suggest, it presents prominent cheese flavour, combined with sweet, creamy, and woody undertones – an excellent gift for the palette.

Helps With

The striking cannabis weed Cheese Auto brings a lot of medical benefits for people suffering from different ailments. Most of all, it’s the best evening buddy that soothes your body and calms down your nerves.

People love to have it while watching a movie or as a pre bedtime routine. The same pacifying effect is no less than a blessing for insomnia patients as they start enjoying good quality and quantity of sleep.

This strong mood-enhancer hits hard anxiety, depression, and worries, leaving you pain-free and relaxed. Other aches such as muscle spasms, inflammation, headaches will also melt away using this fantastic hybrid.


The quick-maturing Cheese Auto marijuana seeds demand only basic TLC and standard nutrition for successful growth. Even beginner growers can benefit from this resilient cannabis weed without facing any difficulty.

This uncomplicated herb is equipped with other classic features that make it a prime priority to raise. It grows to an average height, just a couple of feet and does not require much grow space. It will rise from a tiny seedling to a mature plant in as few as 70 days.

Flowering & Yield

The potent Cheese Auto cannabis seeds will deliver the best possible results by managing a 20/4 light routine, watering it religiously and adding 1/3 of coca coir. These tiny beauties feel happier in hydroponics or soil on Sea of Green Setup for indoor cultivation.

The indoor crop bears flowers within 8 to 9 weeks and produces 25-60 grams of sticky buds per plant. These robust seeds can withstand harsh weather conditions outside, and as they mature rapidly, the breeders can germinate even another crop after harvesting the former by May. The next crop will ripe before late October, delivering 40-135 grams of delicious buds per plant!


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