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G 13 Feminised

Lineage: Nothing is known

The G13 strain is a fabled cultivar with unknown origins. According to cannabis legend, this Indica strain was created at a top-secret facility at the University of Mississippi by a group of federal agencies. Regardless of its shady past, there’s no denying that this cultivar is exceptional.


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  • Phenotype: 70% Indica | 30% Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 10-12 Weeks
  • THC: Up to 24%
  • CBD %: Below 1%
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Effects:Euphoric | Relaxing | Happy | Uplifting
  • Taste/Aroma:Piney | Sweet | Woody | Earthy
  • Helps With:Anxiety | Arthritis | Depression | Insomnia
  • G/M2 Yields:400-600gr m2


G-13 generates a potent body stone that makes consumers feel sleepy and lethargic, as is common of Indica strains. It also has powerful cerebral effects that are frequently described as blissful.

Before the couch-lock feeling develops in, experienced users indicate that this strain makes them more concentrated and creative. The strain also has the normal drawbacks of high-THC Indica strains, such as dry mouth and eyes, disorientation, paranoia, and occasional anxiety.


G13 was reportedly freed from a government research facility at the University of Mississippi by an unknown helper. Dr Carlton Turner was performing research on both cannabis sativa and cannabis Indica medicine strains when he created the G13.

Among a batch of Afghani Indica’s classified G1 through G23, the G13 was discovered. Fast indoor flowering, large resin production, outstanding potency, and extreme hybrid vigour were believed to distinguish the G13 from the rest.


It won’t take long for you to figure out why G13 is regarded as a fantastic strain. You’ll get a head rush that starts directly behind your eyes. It also calms you rapidly and may assist ease any stress you’re experiencing. Users frequently remark that a few puffs of G13 instantly lifts their spirits.

Because G13 is so powerful, a little goes a long way, especially if you’re a beginner. You should feel stimulated at first, but the indica component soon kicks in, making you feel immensely more relaxed. G13, thankfully, does not cause couch-lock, however the balanced high may cause euphoria.

Aroma & Taste

The citrus piney scent of this marijuana strain is well-known. However, if you concentrate on the herb’s pleasant aroma, you’ll detect notes of sage. The sweet pine flavour is popular among users, and it sets it unique from other strains you’ll encounter in your lifetime. There are also mossy and woody notes to be found. You have a strain worth enjoying when you add a bit of creaminess.

Helps With

G13 is a famous medical strain that is frequently used to treat chronic stress symptoms. If you suffer from depression, anxiety, or any other mood problem, try taking G13 because it can help you feel better.

This strain’s potency also makes it a popular painkiller, so whether you’re suffering from migraine headaches, joint pains, or muscle spasms, G13 could be the strain for you.


G13 is a strain that thrives both indoors and out. If you want to produce massive buds using an indoor cannabis setup, consider employing the Sea of Green (SOG) training approach. To allow these buds to grow and maintain optimum airflow, we recommend maintaining plenty of space between branches. Consider pruning your G13 crop, but only a small portion at a time, otherwise your plants may go into shock.

G13 can withstand daytime temperatures as low as 17 degrees and thrives in temps as high as 30 degrees in your grow room. You’ll profit from this strain’s ability to handle lower daytime temperatures better than most marijuana strains when growing outside.

Flowering & Yield

Indoors – G13 is projected to produce around 21 ounces per square meter planted on average. It takes about 10 weeks for this plant to mature and become ready for a large, high-yielding harvest.

Outdoors – In the wide outdoors, this mix produces the best results. If you give G13 adequate area to grow, it should generate roughly 40 ounces per plant.


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