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Super Skunk Feminised

Lineage: Skunk #1 x Afghani

The distinguished lineage bestows defining traits to the resulting strain, such as reeking odour, frosty pumped buds, beautiful, vivid green leaves, and hefty yields that win its bag appeal across the globe.


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  • Phenotype: 65% Indica | 35% Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
  • THC: Up to 20%
  • CBD %: Below 2%
  • Difficulty:Medium
  • Effects:Relaxed | Happy | Euphoric | Uplifted | Sleepy
  • Taste/Aroma:Earthy | Sweet | Pungent | Skunky | Spicy
  • Helps With:Stress | Pain | Depression | Lack of appetite | Insomnia
  • g/m2 Yields:400-500 g/m²


Super Skunk, an Indica-dominant cannabis strain, has earned a solid fan base worldwide for its distinct and famously fragrant skunky scent. It is also known globally for the potent body high that will plaster a smile across your face as the cheerful thoughts come flooding in.

It is superb in inducing a deep state of relaxation with a clear state of concentration and clarity. This certified crowd-pleaser is equally famous among experienced cultivators and amateur growers for its easy to grow and high-yielding features.

The much appreciated Super Skunk produces sturdy branches holding light-emerald nugs covered in thick trichomes and pale orange pistils.


This heavyweight champion of the Skunk family is an Indica strong offspring of two epic cultivars. The finest pedigree Afghani genetics and legendary Skunk #1 were hybridized to receive an improved version with enhanced potency and yield.

The distinguished lineage bestows defining traits to the resulting strain, such as reeking odour, frosty pumped buds, beautiful, vivid green leaves, and hefty yields that win its bag appeal across the globe.

This largely Indica marijuana strain infuses a solid couch-lock, joined by a state of mental bliss that makes smokers smile at the ceiling for hours.


The newbies should go for only one small toke of this super puncher at a time, as a single puff is enough to knock them for hours. This powerful stress reliever causes a calm, euphoric high that turns your hectic day into a mellow, chilled out night.

The Indica heavy trait delivers a bold body-high, but the underlying sativa presence transforms it into a clear-headed high, allowing consumers to focus and think straight while feeling a heavy sense of relaxation.

People can easily overcome insomnia and anxiety by using this top-shelf cannabis weed. The profound state of joy will enhance sociability and light-hearted talkativeness.

Aroma & Taste

The celebrated Super Skunk is equally famous among amateur hobby smokers and professional cannabis judges for its potent fragrant whiff inherited from supreme parents and undeniably ardent roots.

Some people believe that it acquired the name ‘Skunk due to its ammonia-like odour of the animal, while others think that it releases fragrances similar to cheese or woodland fungus.

A pleasantly sweet, pungent aroma shock has also been noticed, compared to a certain white cheddar popcorn smell. Its taste is surprisingly fruity and sweet with a hint of earthy and citrus notes.

Helps With

Patients with depression, insomnia, and stress greatly benefit from this striking cannabis strain. It’s a proven alternative to synthetic prescription medication that may cause several side effects.

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy suffer from a lack of appetite and dangerous weight loss. This reliable strain Super Skunk has successfully reversed their weight loss by treating nausea caused by radiation and instils a healthier appetite that allows them to consume their meals as usual.


By cultivating the high yielding Super Skunk cannabis seeds, the growers can attain an all-year-round supply with minimal effort. This resilient marijuana plant shows a high flower to leaf ratio, which means it needs less pruning and offers bigger harvests.

Growers worldwide are lucky to germinate this strain as it gives rise to flowers within a short period and delivers high-quality buds.

Flowering & Yield

The breeders reap an above-average yield of 18 ounces per square meter by growing Super Skunk marijuana seeds indoors.

This flavourful plant blooms between 8 to 9 weeks when provided a controlled indoor setup or by applying the Sea of Green technique for outdoor growth, the plant’s favourite climate for outdoor cultivation is warm and sunny, along with an isolated spot and guerilla growing.

This special care is required to avoid unwanted attention that it can attract with its strong skunky odour. This beginner-friendly crop can be harvested from September to October with plenty of over 21 ounces per plant yields!


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Super Skunk Feminised Super Skunk Feminised
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