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White Widow Autoflower

Lineage: White Widow x Ruderalis Unknown

It also creates a strong inclination to be chatty and creative. The euphoric effect is intense but not psychedelic or overbearing. All the cerebral effects of this soaring body high surely end at relaxing every inch of your body.

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  • Phenotype: 40% Indica | 40% Sativa | 20% Ruderalis
  • Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
  • THC: Up to 26%
  • CBD %: Below 2%
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Effects:Physically | Relaxing | Stoned | Euphoric | Uplifting
  • Taste/Aroma:Citrus | Earthy | Pine | Pepper | Flowery
  • Helps With:Depression | Pain | Stress | Anxiety | Fatigue
  • G/M2 Yields:400-450 g/m²


The elegant White Widow Auto is a hybrid marijuana strain (40% Indica, 40% sativa, 20% ruderalis) that presents a very balanced structure. The Indica feature is visible in a large central tail of buds, and sativa characteristic allows it to develop lovely side branches.

When the central bud ripens and prepares for a harvest, there will be profuse crystals and few to no leaves. This impressive leaf to bud ratio is the peculiar trait of the original Auto White Widow.


This strain was bred by White Widow (Indian X Brazilian) X Lowryder #2, the two celebrated parent strains. The beautiful lady White Widow Auto enjoys a worldwide reputation for its over-the-top resin production.

This unique cannabis strain is a firm favourite among cannabis connoisseurs for its incredibly high THC volume of up to 26% and fast growth. This auto version represents the same spicy, pungent odour, sweet earthy flavour of its ancestors, and is a highly sought after herb for its uplifting and relaxing high.


With a giant level of THC (about 26%), the eye-catching White Widow is one of the most powerful cannabis weeds in the world. It induces a solid mental buzz that makes smokers feel energetic and happy.

It also creates a strong inclination to be chatty and creative. The euphoric effect is intense but not psychedelic or overbearing. All the cerebral effects of this soaring body high surely end at relaxing every inch of your body.

Both Indica and sativa impacts work actively to keep the smokers mobile and not locking them to the couch. Despite all the effects listed above, it is considered an ideal after work smoke because a few hours after smoking it, you will ultimately go into a deep slumber!

Aroma & Taste

The seasoned smokers across the globe love the gorgeous White Widow Auto’s pungent and earthy scent, and it is not a strain for weak hearts. When the fragrant buds are broken, the strong fruity and spicy aroma hangs in a large room.

When combusted, it releases an earthy flavour coupled with sugary sweet undertones. Some nosy tokers also detect a twist of fruity spice after exhaling.

Helps With

The graceful White Widow Auto has landed in the cannabis industry with bags full of therapeutic benefits. Three decades before since it came to the cannabis scene, it served medical patients by relieving pain, stress, depression, and anxiety.

People also turn towards the strong mood-booster White Widow Auto to kick out their fatigue after a long-strenuous day in the office. Its potent high eventually relaxes the body and soothes the user’s nerves, thus leading them to a night of sound sleep.

If anybody suffers from muscle spasms or migraines, he should put his hands on this reliable weed to treat his condition, and it will never disappoint.


The fast-growing White Widow Auto cannabis seeds offer countless benefits to novice growers and commercial cultivators. These tiny creatures don’t depend on light cycles to generate flowers and are a much simpler deal when managing light.

These easy to grow babies require only 7 to 9 weeks to become harvest-ready from seedlings. The growers are delighted to have this rapid growing marijuana weed as they can gain multiple crops in a year.

Flowering & Yield

The potent White Widow Auto marijuana seeds provide hefty yields after multiple harvests and are suitable to grow in any setting. But if it prefers a controlled environment, such as a greenhouse, grow room, applying soil, hydroponics, combined with a Sea of Green technique.

The indoor crop is ready to deliver 11-16 ounces of buds per square meter in less than three months. This hard auto specimen thrives well in cooler climates – the growers in the northern hemisphere germinate it by the end of frost. The first crop matures in May, entrusting the yields of about 2-3 ounces of buds per plant.

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