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Zkittlez Autoflower

Lineage: Zkittlez x Ruderalis Unknown

The powerful Zkittlez Auto delivers an immediate euphoria that’s not overwhelming compared to other super potent hybrids. This high awards intense happiness balanced by a wave of calmness.

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  • Phenotype: 60% Indica | 40% Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
  • THC: Up to 21%
  • CBD %: Below 1%
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Effects:Balanced | Relaxed | Happy | Euphoric | Uplifted
  • Taste/Aroma:Earthy | Fruity | Herbal | Sweet | Citrus
  • Helps With:Nausea | Pain | Insomnia | Anxious | Headache
  • G/M2 Yields:450-500 g/m²


The beautiful Zkittlez Auto, an indica-dominant cannabis strain (60% indica, 40% sativa) is famous worldwide for increased yield and growth. Enthusiasts love this specimen for its topnotch stability, the high THC content of up to 21%, ideal compact structure, and candy-sweet flavour.

This auto variant is much-loved for the candy hard, frost-covered buds. The large nugs express attractive shades of green and pops of orange with the occasional subtle and blue tones.


The Indica heavy Zkittlez Auto was born by crossbreeding the well-loved Zkittlez with an unknown Ruderalis.

The offspring oozes with fruitiness, similar to the scent and taste of mixed fresh berries sprinkled with some grapefruit zest. It induces a strong, joyful cerebral impact that instantly fades dark clouds of stress, anxiety, and depression.


The powerful Zkittlez Auto delivers an immediate euphoria that’s not overwhelming compared to other super potent hybrids. This high awards intense happiness balanced by a wave of calmness.

Another aspect of its mellow high is a strong sense of mental clarity that makes you perform cognitive functions. Users also enjoy activities like reading and watching movies with big plot twists.

After a short period of the initial cerebral high, a wave of relaxation kicks in that eases every stretched muscle. It also crushes every tension and discomfort that may obstruct physical tranquillity.

Aroma & Taste

The Indica strong Zkittlez Auto lets you taste the rainbow which means Zkittlez and auto variants are renowned for their delicious flavours and alluring aromas.

The gooey resin from the buds of this sticky marijuana strain exudes a fresh, sweet fragrance of mixed berries with a subtle note of earthiness. This flavourful candy brand cheers the palate with a tropical berry taste. The flavour also gives a hint of acidity resembling grapefruit.

Helps With

Medical patients highly trust this soothing herb for its taste and pain-relieving qualities. The physicians widely recommend it to treat migraines, arthritis, muscle spasms, and multiple sclerosis.

Apart from the holistic alleviation, the calming physical buzz enhances drowsiness after a few hours, making it a perfect remedy against insomnia and fatigue.


The great Zkittlez Auto marijuana seeds are perfect for newbies and advanced growers for being the low maintenance herbs. This superbly compact plant does not grow higher than 1m in height.

It bears multiple, dense bud sides, a large central cola rising upwards and a few lateral branches. This crop blooms within 8 to 9 weeks and gifts the growers a big production of around 450-500 grams per square meter.

Flowering & Yield

The attention-grabbing Zkittlez auto flourishes even without training and takes maturation of 8 to 9 weeks from seedling to harvest. The growers should maintain a Sea of Green setup for indoor germination and plant only 4 to 16 seedlings every square meter.

They will gather the best potential output of 11-18 ounces of flavourful buds per square meter. The favourable environmental settings of Mediterranean, Southern Europe, California, and Australia can gift around 4-11 ounces of delectable buds per plant from an indoor crop!

14 reviews for Zkittlez Autoflower

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  1. One plant out of 2 seeds and the plant is no where near what this photo looks like. Grown correctly and barely any bud

  2. Thanks, having trouble getting started but enjoying myself. Thanks

  3. good stock

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