The Perfect Guide To THC Microdosing

Today we investigate the details when discussing The Perfect Guide To THC microdosing Marijuana. We’ll go over what it is and the benefits of doing it. Consuming low levels of a particular mind-altering substance in your system isn’t new. It has only recently attracted more general interest. Since then, users have been fascinated with the notion of… Continue reading The Perfect Guide To THC Microdosing

Is a Cannabis Feeding Schedule Beneficial

Is a Cannabis Feeding Schedule Beneficial

A Cannabis Feeding Schedule is Beneficial because cannabis plants require the proper amounts of light, carbon dioxide, and water to thrive. Following their growth stage, they also require the ideal cannabis feeding schedule and the correct nutrient combination. The plants would require more nutrition as they grew bigger. You will need to alter the nutrient… Continue reading Is a Cannabis Feeding Schedule Beneficial

Mistakes When Germinating Cannabis Seeds

The most important step in avoiding mistakes when germinating cannabis seeds is to start with high-quality marijuana seeds. If you don’t buy high-quality cannabis seeds, you’re essentially wasting your time from the start. Buying premium cannabis seeds from a reputable seller, however, does not guarantee success. The reason for this is that, while germinating cannabis seeds… Continue reading Mistakes When Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Difference Between Cannabis Indica & Sativa

A common question when purchasing Cannabis seeds in Australia is, What is the primary distinction between Indica and Sativa cannabis strains..?  In short, Indica strains are more relaxing and calming, whereas Sativa strains are more rejuvenating and energising. In-depth; Indica and Sativa are the two main sub-species of cannabis, each with its own characteristics and… Continue reading Difference Between Cannabis Indica & Sativa

Peroxide Solution for Seed Germination

Speed Up Seed Germination Process When a seed is given water, it begins to germinate as long as the temperature, moisture, air, and light conditions are favourable. Seeds expand as they absorb water, and enzymes become hydrated. Hydrated enzymes become active, and the seed’s metabolic activities accelerate in order to generate energy for the growth… Continue reading Peroxide Solution for Seed Germination

What is Bacillus Thuringiensis

What is Bacillus thuringiensis? Bacillus thuringiensis is a soil-dwelling bacteria. Young insects are destroyed by the proteins it makes (larvae). Bt is available in different of forms. Each one is designed to kill a specific type of insect. Among the insects targeted are beetles, mosquitoes, Gnats, and caterpillars. Routine testing is essential with Bt insecticides… Continue reading What is Bacillus Thuringiensis

Fungus Gnats On Marijuana Plants

You may encounter a fungus gnat infestation if you use any form of manure in your soil mix or you could easily carry them in from outside. The sticky tape works great for the flying versions of these tiny two-winged critters, but you should use a powdered Bacillus thuringiensis product to get them in the… Continue reading Fungus Gnats On Marijuana Plants

Let’s Get Growing Organically

The first step in starting an organic garden is removing all synthetic products, as well as developing a basic strategy to prevent them from returning to your garden ever again. All soil should be obtained organically and treated organically. You should also look at organics from the standpoint of waste reduction: If you can use… Continue reading Let’s Get Growing Organically

About Mediseed Man

To properly understand the greater goal of Mediseed Man, we must first look back at the history of cannabis seeds, most notably in regards to Claudius Galen, a renowned Greek physician and philosopher in the Roman Empire. Galen is known as one of the earliest philosophers to have published works specifically noting and analysing the… Continue reading About Mediseed Man

Cannabis’ Prevalent Use Among Seniors

Cannabis companies primarily target young and youthful individuals in their product campaigns. New forms of cannabis and novel delivery systems are constantly invented to make the products appealing to the ever-evolving younger generation. That being said, did you know that according to recent studies, cannabis use among seniors aged 65 and above has risen considerably?… Continue reading Cannabis’ Prevalent Use Among Seniors

Growing Cannabis Indoors in Australia

Growing cannabis indoors brings with it a multitude of potential benefits when compared with traditional, outdoor farming methods, mainly due to the ability to monitor your crop in smaller environments. When growing indoors, you have complete control over the environment you are giving to your plants, allowing you to micro-manage every part of the process,… Continue reading Growing Cannabis Indoors in Australia

Growing Cannabis Outdoors in Australia

Cannabis Thrives Outdoors Cannabis thrives outdoors, just as many plants do, and growing it in a natural ecosystem can be an incredibly cost-effective method. While for indoor growth, you’ll need to set up the proper tools to mimic the outdoor environment, outdoor growth simply requires land, light, and good quality soil. For us in Australia… Continue reading Growing Cannabis Outdoors in Australia