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To properly understand the greater goal of Mediseed Man, we must first look back at the history of cannabis seeds, most notably in regards to Claudius Galen, a renowned Greek physician and philosopher in the Roman Empire.

Galen is known as one of the earliest philosophers to have published works specifically noting and analysing the use of cannabis in any recreational form. While there is evidence of Japanese and Chinese cultures smoking cannabis dating back over 2,500 years ago, Galen published two books that reference the use of cannabis: the first, De Alimentorum Facultatibus, specifically spoke of the cultural and recreational use, while the second, De Simplicium Medica, referred to the medical use.

Galen noted that the Romans would use hemp seeds to “promote hilarity and enjoyment”, even discussing the consumption of hemp cakes to produce a feeling of “well-being”. He focused hugely on the sense of fun and happiness that the seeds would bring about in party-goers and, even after going over the side-effects that were experienced, still maintained the difference between other hemp plants and seeds, as well as the different effects they bring about.

His research and notes on the use of hemp seeds set a precedent and, given his status as a respected philosopher and source of medical information, it likely helped to further spread the use and consumption of the seeds. Galen was, however, situated in a western nation, which meant he would have had little access to the Indica strains, despite writing about them. The Indica strains are generally considered to be far more potent for medical use, whereas they had to settle for the Sativa strain, which is more tailored towards creativity and enjoyment.

In today’s world, we don’t have the restrictions that Galen once did; we now have both strains, as well as hybrids, available across the world, meaning we can profit from the incredible benefits of the seeds, regardless of what we want to achieve with them.

Here at Mediseed Man, we hope to provide the resource for you to benefit from not only the initial findings that Galen had, but everything modern medicine has discovered over the past
decades. With the high quality cannabis seeds we provide, both the medical benefits and enjoyment are guaranteed and, with free delivery across the whole of Australia, it’s a lot easier to get your hands on your preferred strain than it was for Galen!

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