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Afghan Autoflower

Lineage: Afghani x Lowryder Ruderalis

Afghan cannabis is a popular choice among Indica connoisseurs, and for good reason. These plants are 100% Indica and quite potent. They’re a great alternative for folks who want the laid-back, muscle-relaxing high of Indica without the frenetic affect of sativa strains.


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  • Phenotype: 90% Indica | 10% Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
  • THC: Up to 20%
  • CBD: Below 2%
  • Difficulty:Medium
  • Effects:Relaxing | Euphoric | Happy | Uplifting
  • Taste & Aroma:Earthy | Floral | Pungent | Sweet | Herbal
  • Helps With:Anxiety | Arthritis | Depression | Fatigue
  • g/m2 Yields:500+ g/m²


Nothing beats a strong Indica to help you unwind at the end of the day, and Afghan is the best of the best. Auto Afghan is a popular, strong Indica strain that’s ready to give you a full-body buzz.

These cannabis seeds can help you develop a potent Indica that can help you relax completely, whether you’re dealing with tense muscles or a worried mind. Afghan is a wonderful weed strain for anyone who enjoys Indica’s, as it is absolutely devoid of any sativa genetics.

Strain Origins

Afghan isn’t all very different from its wild Indica ancestors. The origins of this cannabis strain can be traced back to the wild Aghani plants found in the Hindu Kush mountains at high elevations.

This Indica is endemic to Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the plants are used to make extremely potent hashish by the locals. In fact, this is most likely where hash and Indica plants initially appeared.

Strain Effects

Many consumers say this Indica strain gives them a euphoric high and a pleasant head high that is swiftly balanced with a wonderful, long-lasting body buzz. You won’t be glued to the couch, but you will be calm and in good spirits.

It’s a terrific choice if you need to get things done without moving much because the delicious body buzz is considerably stronger than the brain effect. Many folks will get the munchies, so keep some snacks available and ready to go.

Aroma & Taste

Inhale for a creamy, earthy, and woodsy experience. The herbal notes and sweet earthiness will continue to emerge as you spend more time with the strain, as will a hint of spice on the exhale.

A powerful, aromatic earthiness with herbal undertones is the first impression. To balance things out, you could notice a light flowery sweetness. Meanwhile, the smooth, sweet, earthy flavour rarely creates a cough.

Helps With

Afghan cannabis relieves insomnia by relaxing the body and calming the mind, making it easier to fall asleep. This autoflowering Indica’s soothing euphoria can help to relieve anxiety and divert attention away from negative thoughts. You focus on what really matters: relaxing and possibly getting a good night’s sleep, rather than worrying and obsessing about things.

Many people with arthritis or tension headaches swear by this marijuana strain because it may relax tense muscles and reduce inflammation that causes aches and pains.


  • Difficulty: Medium

Afghan autoflowers can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The plants are small, with an average height of less than two feet. Despite their diminutive size, these cannabis seeds generate a respectable amount of bud each plant. Because of its ties to the original, wild cannabis plants, this marijuana is a tough and adaptive plant.

Afghan auto can get bushy even if the plants stay little. Keep an eye on the undergrowth of your cannabis plants and consider giving them a mild trim if it appears to be too thick.

Flowering & Yield

  • 9 Weeks | 500+ g/m²

The Afghan strain’s low-maintenance output and consistent flowering cycle will thrill growers. You might expect up to fifteen ounces of bud per square yard of plant in ten to fourteen weeks.

Outdoors, each cannabis plant should yield five to six ounces of marijuana. Expect strong, sticky blooms brimming with trichomes in any case.


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