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Regular Cannabis Seeds Explained

Why Use Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular seeds naturally have both male and female seeds in a perfect ratio of 50/50. They perform exactly how nature endeavours. They offer an equal chance of emerging as either female or male cannabis. The superb regular marijuana seeds excite the breeders to develop better quality clones and new cultivars.

Specialties of Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular seeds don’t accept any human tampering and have an even chance of sprouting into pollen-producing males or flowering females. The males are comparatively valuable for breeding. Regular seeds help make superior clones and are exceptional in the creation of novel strains. They tend to develop more vigorous cannabis plants, resistant to stress conditions, and create cuttings that present outstanding growth and superior yields.

Expert-Favorite Seeds

The regular seeds always produce more powerful female plants, much less prone to pest problems, inclement problems, stress, and hermaphroditism. They are considered expert-favorite seeds due to offering a myriad of phenotypes, (specific traits of a strain). Compare them with feminised seeds, the regular seeds will be a sure winner to exhibit much more varied phenotypes, diverse vegetative behaviour, smell, taste, production, and effects.


No regular seeds, no breeding! The breeders are free to choose their most cherished male and female specimens to let them cross and acquire the offspring that expresses the best features of each! Whether you aspire to a specific flavour profile, charming colours, or extreme potency, only the regular seeds can help make your vision come alive!

Developing Your Own Strain

Long ago, when feminised seeds were not known, many old generation breeders enjoyed the opportunity to cross the supreme female plant with the selected male variety to maximise the most-loved traits in the next generation. You can go ahead to work on a small breeding project, relatively straightforward and as simple as that. The main purpose is not winning financial benefit on a commercial level, but to create your own strain. Long after breeding the superb male plants and selected clones, you can take pride in possessing the most breathtaking strains around!

Clones and Mother Plants

The cannabis plants sprouted from regular seeds hand over strong, healthy clones that feature profuse rooting and fast growth. Cloning helps growers to ensure an ideal genetic copy of a particular plant. If you want the colour or morphology of a particular specimen, seek help from cloning to duplicate it. By rooting cuttings, you can magically enhance the production within a shorter time frame! Also, these clones will have more stability, carry more robust genetics with little to no chances of becoming hermaphrodites.

Deposit the great demand for specifically produced female genetics, the regular seeds have retained their popularity amongst enthusiasts and growers. Before the feminised seeds came on the scene, the growers had no choice but regular seeds. Even today, the growers look for and love pure genetics for greater flexibility in their gardens and increased value of money!Buy regular seeds instantly and enjoy host of benefits, the strain offer!

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