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Seed Germination Guide

Although we provide a service to many countries where cannabis seed germination and or cannabis cultivation is legal. In Australia, the cultivation, germination, and manufacturing of derivative products from cannabis seeds is, unless a license is obtained, illegal.

You must ensure that you familiarise yourself with your local state laws before making any purchase. Mediseed Man takes no responsibility for purchases made without the proper understanding of laws and regulations that apply to the purchasing party.

If you’re in Australia, please read this full legal disclaimer before proceeding to read the germination guide below

STRICT NOTE: Germination Guarantee will 100% be voided if you don’t read & follow this guide in full.

(We will be requesting photos moving forward)

Even if you are a seasoned grower, please ensure you read and follow this guide in full, it may prompt something you missed or had forgotten about that could help.

You will find the visual guide at the bottom of this page

1. Potting Mix or Seed Raising

Stay away from any potting mix “seed raising” that has the following listed on the bag:

  • Contains fertilisers 🙁
  • Trace elements 🙁
  • Wetting agent 🙁
  • Water crystals 🙁
  • Growth stimulators 🙁

It’s a 50/50 chance of survival using these pre-mix potting mixes.

Any medium with built fertilisers puts seeds at a very high risk of killing their tap root.  Mother nature provides the seed with everything it needs for the start of its life.

Just use straight coco-coir, Rockwool or potting mix with ZERO additives.

2. Clean Environment 

It is very important to keep in mind that seeds require a clean environment to germinate.

  • Clean Fingers
  • Clean Distilled Luke Warm Water
  • Clean Soaking Container

This is why it’s highly recommended to add 5-10ml of 3% peroxide to approximately 150-170 ml of lukewarm water to avoid any contamination from dirty, fingers, water, or soaking container. 

NOTE: Keep in mind, that peroxide will lower the PH of your water. The PH of the water used at the paper towel stage must be between 5.8-6.8PH

3. Water Soaking Seeds

In this case, place the seeds in a glass of lukewarm temperature water for 24 hours before removing them and placing them between moist only paper towels, not too wet. Or place them in a moist germination medium such as Coco Coir, not a “premium potting mix”.

If you keep them for too long soaking in the water or on over-saturated paper towels.  Your seeds will turn to mush if over-saturated. They oxygen!

Note: Some seeds may require a gentle tap after a few hours to make them sink.

4. Luke Warm Temperature Water

Never use water straight from the tap, use lukewarm water. Cold water can shock seedlings because it rapidly reduces the soil’s environmental temperature. The same is true for seed germination; do not soak seeds in cold water or dampen seeds with cold water. 

5. Germination PH at Paper Towel Stage

Don’t use the same water you used at the soaking stage. Use fresh distilled water (without peroxide) with a PH  between 5.8 – 6.8PH. And remember, your seeds are full of water from the soaking stage, so be sure the paper towel is moist, not soaking wet. 

6. Germination & Darkness

If you’re going to use the paper towel approach, make sure the sheets are thick enough to keep the seeds in the dark.

For soil or Rockwool germination, make sure your hole is properly covered, but not too tightly. Even if the seed is only a few millimetres down, make sure it is completely covered.

The seed must be protected from light. The earliest leaves must receive light as soon as the seeds open. Don’t keep attempting to bury your seed. Allow the seedling to push through the topsoil.

7. Oxygen When Germinating

Oxygen is something your seeds require at all times,  stale air causes a change in the ratio of gases that make up the air which causes mold to form in your paper towel.  Overwatering can be a major issue from the moment your seeds begin to germinate. 

8. Germination Timing

Seeds can take up to a month to germinate, according to experienced growers, but these are extreme cases. Growers typically see germination in three days or less, but it can take up to a week. We’re in the unusual territory after a week without germinating.  If germination does not occur by the middle or end of the second week, you should reconsider your germination technique or reach out to your seed bank.

9. Germination Misting

Misting is a useful and safe choice if you have a problem with overwatering or using too much water at this point. Misting a medium to make it moist is significantly easier than watering a medium to make it moist. Get a misting bottle to help with this.

If over-watering continues to be an issue, try adding perlite or vermiculite to the bottom of your containers next time. In nearly any growing method, this will aid in the absorption of excess water.

STRICT NOTE: Germination Guarantee will 100% be voided if you don’t read & follow this guide in full.

Let’s take a look at further common issues that is often overlooked when it comes to the germination of a Cannabis seed.

You may have spent a pretty penny on seeds, and yes, if you don’t do it right, your growth time will be set back and money will be wasted if your seed bank doesn’t offer a seed germination guarantee.

When a seed absorbs water, the seed cracks open, but if water cannot penetrate the seed, it will almost certainly not germinate.

A Cannabis seed has a hard, clear membrane coating that occasionally prevents water from seeping through, meaning the seed would never germinate without the help of the grower.

The hardness of the seed coat on cannabis seeds varies wildly depending on the strain. As a result, we can’t view all failed seed germination in the same way. We can, however, add a step to our seed germinating methods.

Before soaking in water, a light scrape with your thumbnail or a delicate sandpaper rub along the seed’s edge will help the seed to crack during steps 1 & 2. The hard clear coating will be broken, allowing the fragile seed to swell and open freely without constraint

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